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Department of Industrial Development & Research

7th & 8th Floor, Block C, Wisma Tun Fuad Stephens
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 6-088-214866, 215035, Fax: 6-088-257814, 216698

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Last Update: 27 Jan 2020

Division & Roles

The Department of Industrial Development and Research (DIDR) is headed by a Director, a Deputy Director and is assisted by thirty-four (34) staff. DIDR is divided into 5 Divisions, namely:


  1. SMEs/SDSI Division

  2. Industry Services Division

  3. Investment Promotion Division

  4. Planning & Research Division

  5. Administration & Finance Division


SMEs/SDSI Division

  1. Organizes and coordinates ODISI, SDSI and SME showcase/expo/festival; &

  2. Organizes and coordinates SME Courses.


Industry Services Division

  1. Secretariat to the State Industrial Coordination Committee (ICC);

  2. Evaluate & process the application for State Government Approval (SGA) and Federal Manufacturing License (FML) for manufacturing projects;

  3. Monitors development & implementation of approved manufacturing projects;

  4. Coordinate with relevant government agencies to solve implementations and operational problems faced by manufacturers;

  5. Provide data for approved manufacturing projects;

  6. Assist companies in the implementation and operation of a newly approved manufacturing project: and

  7. Coordinates BIMP-EAGA program.


Investment Promotion Division

  1. Meets with potential investors;

  2. Organizes and coordinates the State's official trade and investment mission overseas;

  3. Publishes investment guidebooks ;

  4. Organizes domestic and international seminar/business conferences ;

  5. Organizes trade exhibitions; and

  6. Organizes and coordinates trade and investment mission to Sabah.


Planning & Research Division

  1. Secretariat to the Industry Coordination Joint Committee (JBI) between the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and the Sabah State Government;

  2. Secretariat to the Steering Committee of Studies conducted by Private Consultants;

  3. Conduct a Preliminary Study for identified Project Investment;

  4. Obtain information/data on industry and economic activity of Sabah;

  5. To undertake the Sabah Business Condition Index;

  6. Collaborate with Government Departments and Private Sector to undertake studies relating to industrial development in Sabah;

  7. Conduct pre-planning of infrastructure supply for the development of an industrial project or industrial estate in Sabah; and

  8. To follow up, monitor and evaluate the results of studies conducted by Private Consultants.


Administration & Finance Division

  1. To manage human resources in terms of service and general administration with efficient and properly as a supporting service to the main function of the department; and

  2. To ensure that all expenditure and payment shall adhere to the requirement of current financial regulations.


IT Support Group (ITSG)

The Department of Industrial Development and Research is also assisted by the IT Support Group (ITSG). For further information click here to KSIT


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